"Convincingly present and thoroughly righteous sound" (FSX) -Art Dudley,Stereophile

"Studio Electric has continued to impress.This new FSX floor standing three-way ($9500 - $11,500) is Big, Bold, and Focused, with alarmingly good transients, honest instrumental bloom, in excellently recreated space."- Greg Weaver, enjoythemusic.com


Full Review of the M4

Video with listener comments from Capital Audiofest:



FSX and M4 show report from (a very cool online magazine)

"No longer listening to audio equipment, but instead listening once again to the music."




"Absolute control, regardless of material (FSX), made a deep and most recommendable impression."- Jason Victor Serinus - Stereophile / October 2017



The room where I had the most fun, Studio Electric with the wonderful FS1. A true bargain at $5900 a pair. - Dan Schwartz, Copper Magazine / June 2017

Musical, neutral, and refreshingly even throughout all frequencies.  - Jana Dagdagon, Stereophile / June 2017

“No-nonsense engineering and great sound.”  - Brent Butterworth, Soundstage Global / June 2017


"My new M4s are the most musical speakers I have ever owned or heard for that matter. I have owned speakers that cost 3 times as much and they don't compare to your M4 monitors.  Very well done! - R. Crews / Colorado Springs



I have to admit the system was a blast...analytical (in typical studio style) but not dry – just very revealing of recording style and balance." - The Absolute Sound - 2016

*Note: The review pair were branded as Benchmark SMS1. This speaker has been branded as both Studio Electric and Benchmark.


"The space and air around the midrange helps these speakers to tackle even the most complex of arrangements while the allied meaty bass means that they will be a good performer within any genre of music." - theaudiophileman.com - 2016


“About as close to neutral as you can get out of a reasonably priced small loudspeaker. Its compact size makes it easy to place, and it is suitable for many kinds of listening environments. Standout characteristics include vocal clarity and imaging. Bass is pretty darn good as well, especially for an acoustic suspension/6.5-inch driver arrangement”. -- everthingaudionetwork.com - 2016

The sound was tactile, detailed, and inarguably musical. Bass transients were especially well served by these sealed enclosures. Sure, monitor speakers may never be full-frequency monsters, but these showed a confidently lifelike presentation down to its mid-40hz limits. My notes here tell me “somewhere between Audio Note and Harbeth with detail!” - partimeaudiophile.com -2014 (SE Monitors)







"The sound was surprisingly convincing despite the speakers’ small size."

- John Atkinson- Stereophile show report Axpona 2013 (SE monitors)

The Studio Electric Monitor was fantastic….it was outstandingly linear and I was stunned at the dynamic range from a sealed box design. Plus they look great .. I want!

Audio Review

The Benchmark gear was accompanied by a pair of Studio Electric Monitors, whose grilles give them a rather retro art-deco look that was delightful. So was the sound. The speakers look more conventional if you remove the grilles, but you won't want to. The steel mesh is from Germany, and it's the same one used on Neumann microphones. It seems to have no audible effect. The look, and especially the sound, suggests a more expensive speaker.

UHF-Ultimate High Fidelity Magizine

" Studio Electrics succeed in particular is in combining reasonable neutrality with an uncanny ability to convey the dynamic energy and “life”.

Robert Harley -The Absolute Sound






"Hi Dave, I am sitting in my music room, listening to music via our modified Transporter and your T3's and I just wanted to be sure that I took the time to congratulate you on building a FANTASTIC speaker. I put them in, initially to compare them. The clue here is that I haven't unplugged them yet and it has been several weeks. Your speaker is one of only two that I feel have compared favorably to my reference system. But, my reference speakers are over twice the price, easily twice the size, and many times the weight. I have to say that I am VERY fond of the T3's."

Dan Wright, modwright.com

"My favorite room at the Audiofest was om. Dan Wright wassame Studio Electric speakers that Chris rooms where people tended to sit for long periods.

"LessLoss is participating in a local high end audio show in mid-November, and need speakers for the show. I really love your T3 speaker and want to show with it."

- Louis Motek www.lessloss.com


"Studio Electric brought something extraordinarily special to this years show (CES Las Vegas)… this remarkable looking and sounding system offered considerably more character and heart than most others…The music absolutely conquered the room like a command performance. I sat rapt for well over three quarters of an hour as David MacPherson (system designer) played his own recordings of Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, and Brahms. My time in front of this system was one of the most enjoyable listening experiences I have had at any show in recent memory."

Greg Weaver - Positive Feedback

"Now...seeing them in person really made me smile. These are really impressive sounding speakers.


Steven R. Rochlin- Enjoy the Music