The Electrodyne hybrid amplifiers

"This amplifier had the ability to render fine detail while conveying enormous power and scale. Articulate without being in your face, detailed, delicate, and refined, yet rich in tonal texture and alive with presence. Immediate!; sweet, unfettered, get-on-your-feet-and-move, music. "

Greg Weaver- Positive Feedback






"I suggested Dave send me an amp to try with the speakers (T3 review pair). It became quickly apparent that the EA1+ was a very fine amp. The tonal balance became even better, with the bass power really coming into another level…the soundstage opened up, the percussion came alive and everything took on a greater sense of ease and rightness. It made sense to go back and play some of the selections from earlier in this review. I listened to the whole CD twice, relishing in the newfound dynamics… I have to say that this was the most enjoyable I have ever heard this CD sound. It finally became much more accessible on a musical level because I no longer felt distracted by any edgy quality. I promised Dave not to make this into an amplifier review but I have to agree with his website's claim that this amp can be listened to for hours without fatigue…The live feeling comes through, along with a musical rightness that is rare in high end audio.”

Steve Marsh-



"The speakers were driven by Studio Electric's 275Wpc Electrodyne amplifiers ($6950), hybrid designs featuring NOS Seimens or Telefunken E88CCs in the first gain stage and high-output MOSFETs in the output stage. "Shipped with great tubes so the customer doesn't have to foot the upgrade."

Jon and I listened and wept that we had miles to go before the show closed. The Type One/Electrodyne combo was relaxed and detailed, with a lot of character. It also had SOUL. We'd hear again—and again, given the chance."

Wes Phillips - STEREOPHILE online coverage CES 2006



After another listening in 2007..."we were even more impressed"

Wes Phillips - STEREOPHILE online coverage CES 2007


"It may be the best sounding amp I've ever heard."

Craig Hylton - Performace Audio