"A two-way bookshelf design with a aluminium grille, hardwood cheeks, and an infinite baffle suspension, so no ports or transmission lines. It couples a 170mm copolymer mid/bass with a 25mm soft dome tweeter in a 343mm high box containing what by the sound of it are high quality components. I have to admit the system was a blast...analytical (in typical studio style) but not dry – just very revealing of recording style and balance." - the absolute sound- 2016

*Note: The review pair were branded as Benchmark SMS1. This speaker has been branded as both Studio Electric and Benchmark.


"The space and air around the midrange helps these speakers to tackle even the most complex of arrangements while the allied meaty bass means that they will be a good performer within any genre of music." - - 2016


“About as close to neutral as you can get out of a reasonably priced small loudspeaker. Its compact size makes it easy to place, and it is suitable for many kinds of listening environments. Standout characteristics include vocal clarity and imaging. Bass is pretty darn good as well, especially for an acoustic suspension/6.5-inch driver arrangement”. - - 2015

The sound was tactile, detailed, and inarguably musical. Bass transients were especially well served by these sealed enclosures. Sure, monitor speakers may never be full-frequency monsters, but these showed a confidently lifelike presentation down to its mid-40hz limits. My notes here tell me “somewhere between Audio Note and Harbeth with detail!”- -2014 (SE Monitors)








"The sound was surprisingly convincing despite the speakers’ small size." John Atlinson- Stereophile show report Axpona 2013 (SE monitors)

"The sound was not disappointing! Punchy, detailed, dynamic, snappy and fun." Dagogo Axpona 2013 show coverage

The Studio Electric Monitor was fantastic….it was outstandingly linear and I was stunned at the dynamic range from a sealed box design. Plus they look great .. I want!

Audio Review - CES 2011 coverage

These are some of the most musically engaging monitors I've ever experienced, and I say that having only ever heard them under show conditions. I can't imagine how good they really must be in a controlled home listening environment!-

Greg Weaver - positive feedback

The Benchmark gear was accompanied by a pair of Studio Electric Monitors, whose grilles give them a rather retro art-deco look that was delightful. So was the sound. The speakers look more conventional if you remove the grilles, but you won't want to. The steel mesh is from Germany, and it's the same one used on Neumann microphones. It seems to have no audible effect. The look, and especially the sound, suggests a more expensive speaker.

UHF-Ultimate High Fidelity Magizine - CES 2011 coverage

"The Studio Electric Monitor represents a break from design themes established in the firm’s higher-end models (some of which look almost like 21st-century avant garde sculptures). Instead, the Monitor offers what might be termed “Arts and Crafts” styling—kind of like what might happen if you handed William Morris or Gustav Stickley a plain black two-way monitor and asked them to dress it up a bit. But the sound is what really matters, and where the Studio Electrics succeed in particular is in combining reasonable neutrality with an uncanny ability to convey the dynamic energy and “life” inherent in good recordings.

The Absolute Sound

A Full Review of the SE Monitor








"Hi Dave, I am sitting in my music room, listening to music via our modified Transporter and your T3's and I just wanted to be sure that I took the time to congratulate you on building a FANTASTIC speaker. I put them in, initially to compare them. The clue here is that I haven't unplugged them yet and it has been several weeks. Your speaker is one of only two that I feel have compared favorably to my reference system. But, my reference speakers are over twice the price, easily twice the size, and many times the weight. I have to say that I am VERY fond of the T3's."

Dan Wright , ModWright Instruments Inc.

"My favorite room at the Audiofest was the Modwright room. Dan Wright was using the same Studio Electric speakers that Chris raved about but all with his own electronics...This was one of the rooms where people tended to sit for long periods."



LessLoss is participating in a local high end audio show in mid-November, and need speakers for the show. As you know, I really love your T3 speaker and want to show with it. - Louis Motek



"Studio Electric brought something extraordinarily special to this years show (CES Las Vegas)… this remarkable looking and sounding system offered considerably more character and heart than most others…The music absolutely conquered the room like a command performance. I sat rapt for well over three quarters of an hour as David MacPherson (system designer) played his own recordings of Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, and Brahms. My time in front of this system was one of the most enjoyable listening experiences I have had at any show in recent memory."

Greg Weaver - Positive Feedback

"Now...seeing them in person really made me smile. These are really impressive sounding speakers.


Steven R. Rochlin- Enjoy the Music





Electric! - Jon Iverson and I walked into Studio Electric's room at T.H.E. Show not knowing what to expect and stopped short. Whoa,this was different...

Jon and I listened and wept that we had miles to go before the show closed. The system was relaxed and detailed, with a lot of character. It also had SOUL.

After another listening .."we were even more impressed..We'd hear again—and again, given the chance.

Wes Phillips - STEREOPHILE show coverage CES 2007




A full review of the T3 loudspeaker from

"Beauty, sheer beauty...they have brains too. Musical brains that is."

Marja Vanderloo & Henk Longbeard Boot -

“A room that impressed me on a number of levels was the Benchmark/Studio Electric room. Utilizing the 275-watt-per-channel Studio Electric EA4 amp and immensely entertaining 88 dB Studio Electric T3 loudspeakers... this room was cranking out some great sounds! I was really fascinated with the T3 loudspeakers. Fit and finish was great and the sound was much bigger than the speakers! Although the stated frequency range was 39Hz - 18kHz (+/- 3db) it sounded much more extended than that and the sound was holographic, even in a hotel room."


Gary Lea- Dagogo- RMAF 2009 Coverage

"I really enjoyed the mellow sound created by this speaker....

Very, very nice! "

 Jason Victor Serinus - STEREOPHILE show coverage RMAF 2007

"As Always, Studio Electric Sounds Amazing!"

Postive Feedback Online

"My surprise pick of the show was the Studio Electric Type Three speakers. I was impressed ! "

Piero Gabucci-Secrets of Home Theater and HiFi

"Smooth and Musical"

Audio Federation

A Trip To Audio Federation Here

( lots of good T3 and EA4 Images )

"STUDIO ELECTRIC speakers always sound good, though I have a sneaking suspiccion they would sound better in a real listening room ( like mine). Hopefully I'll get the chance."


“High Fidelity Stereo Sound Meets High-End Industrial Design”

Chris Boylan - Big Picture Big Sound “

…very impressed with the Nautilus-looking Studio Electric ...Female vocals just jumped out at you. I liked it alot.”

Audiogon Forums

So "So far for me the biggest sleeper at HE2007 has been the Studio Electric Type 3. I have no affiliation with this company, but I was mighty impressed ...a very natural sounding speaker."

from Audioasylum best of HE2007 threads.

"They have a very "round" sound like the main midrange drivers that cover most of the frequencies.  Something about them left a ghost like ambiance you hear from certain tubes like KT88's but more natural.  The speakers seem to put you in a bubble in a very front row position with the performers.  Timing was "right" ....  Imaging and presence was very good."

-from AudioCircle best of rmaf threads

“Now we’re talking!! Dave Clark - Positive Feedback